Size Guide

Not sure which size to choose? It all starts with measuring your child, so this is our simple guide to help. First things first get a tape measure, pen and piece of paper. Traditionally manufacturers use both inches and centimetres for sizes, and its not all logical, for example girls shirts come in chest sizes whilst boys ones use collar sizes.

OK now for the hardest part trying to persuade your little ones to stay still for a few minutes whilst you take the measurements. Collar size, measure around the base of the neck where the collar sits. Chest size, measure around the chest at the largest part under the arms. Waist size, measure around the waist at the natural waistline. Inside leg size, measure with shoes on from the crotch to where the trousers are normally worn. Height, measure from a level floor to the top of the head.

If the garment is sized by age you need to make allowances for how your child compares to the age average/medians.

Finally if your child already has some school uniform, check what size it is, compare this to your new measurements. Generally its better to go up a size as the always keep growing!